Compassion is relating to ourselves and others with kindness and wisdom

- Helle Laursen

Compassion is

Compassion  is the wish to alliviate suffering. Self-Compassion refers to a wise and kind way of relating to ourselves when we suffer.

Why Self-Compassion?

Research found that prox 80 % of people in most developed countries find it easier to be compassionate to others than to themselves. A lack of self-compassion and a harsh self-criticism have been associated with depression, anxiety and stress-responses like burnout.

Understandably, you may have doubts such as:  “Is it not self-pity? Do we not become lazy or more self-centered? Do we not need us to develop more compassion for others instead of for ourselves?”.

Studies show that self-compassion gives greater emotional resilience and increased personal responsibility for one’s health, lifestyle choices and for failures and shortcomings. It's the opposite of being self-pityful and self-centered. For more on the latest research please visit Dr. Kristin Neff’s Website.

These findings suggest that by learning to meet our own needs, we become more resilient and have more capacity to be there for others.

Helle Laursen fortæller, hvad er Compassion og Self-Compassion?

Helle Laursen is a Certified MSC Teacher, from UCSD, a Heartfulness meditation Trainer, and has a private practice in Denmark, with 15 + years of experience in supporting people on sick leave due to mental health issues. For more than 20 years she has been a dedicated student of Heartfulness meditation and enjoys regular visits to Ashrams, to deepen her own practice and understanding.
After completing her M.A., she had a position of Leading Mentor Coach in the largest Coch Training Institue in Denmark, for 10 + years, as well as holding a position of Head of Project for a program for those on sick leave due to mental health issues like stress, depression and/or anxiety.
Helle works with varied groups, but primarily with social workers, teachers, psychologists, therapists, nurses.
Helle teaches international online programs for the Center for MSC, USA.
She offers individual and corporate compassion programs, classes, workshops, retreats and hourly consultations.

I offer Live and Online programs

All enchance our ability to be more compassionate and bring kindness and wisdom into our relationships.  
See my calendar for live programs here, and see below for online programs you can do on your own.

What others have experienced taking my courses

I completed the survey and noticed there was not a question about the instructor. I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic and supportive Helle is. I wasn’t sure if this course was too “woo woo” and she immediately grounded that concern with her pragmatic yet gentle approach.

Her style made the content relatable and I think she truly reached the class in a way that enabled or sparked transformation. I am considering signing up again when the course is offered by her. 


I want to thank you again for the MSC course. I enjoyed very much the atmosphere of compassion and pause that surrounded and supported my life during the course. It supported my deep sense that this is the way I want to live my life. I loved every practice and every respectful sharing that we did. I feel it like a deep surrendering and rest.
The Compassion break practice together with soothing touch helped me especially to reduce my reactivity in difficult situations that I had to go through with my kids.

It was my first on line live course and I was happily surprised by the intimacy and warm feelings that the group was able to generate and enjoy in each class even being so far away geographically. I have only words of gratitude and appreciation for you, your work, the structure of the course and each person in the class

Florencia, Licensed psychologist, Argentina


The program created a space for me that was very deep and touching.
I really liked the way you explained, and verbalised what happens within us all the way during the MSC-program. Including identifying emotions, all the different processes, and how to use Mindful Self-Compassion to better manage emotions to have some awareness and peace. Thank you!

Chandu, India

Helle is not only naturally empathic, she has learned to make a lasting difference. If you struggle with emotional pain or look for a deeper acceptance of life and more freedom, Helle has the answers. She gives coaching a good name!

Chris Manning

It was a privilege and enlightening experience to share this journey with you.  Your wisdom and discernment simplified a foreign and difficult concept for me. It has made me want to explore MSC on a deeper level.

Jeanee, Palliative care nurse, South Africa


As the facilitator, Helle, with her experienced and strong compassion not only teaches but she also lives and stands as an example of what she's pointing out. I've been doing a variety of inner work for years, this intensive grounding work that we did together in that classroom, made me understand that my earlier work was just a preparation to the reality I found through her channel of MSC. Konya as the perfect place for that training had a multiplying effect. I'm so grateful for Helle for her presence in this very lifetime as the teacher of mine on such a beautiful topic.

I strongly advise and hardly recommend that each and everyone must catch that chance with her. Deep appreciations and sincere gratefulness... thank you thank you thank you. 

Eda Türetken, Turkey

Your leadership and facilitation of our class was awesome Helle.  I have learned so much and have already filled our the form for Circle of Support. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with us. 

Lucinda, USA

online compassion

I’ve seen a Christian counselor off and on for many years and she recommended MSC to me in late January.  I was desperate for relief from emotional pain so, and found the online class with Helle.  At first, I was hesitant to participate in the conversations because I felt unworthy and “I probably wouldn’t be able to bring anything to the group”. As the weeks progressed, I began to understand how much I had been stuffing pain and believing lies.  

I finally started to relax and learn the importance of validating and identifying my emotions, understanding that everyone suffers and wants to be loved and finally asking myself, what did I need just now.

In 10 weeks, I went from believing I had little or no value to I’m sharing this with everyone I love. I will be participating in a follow up group because, I need the reinforcement, I need to hear from others, and I need to share what I’m learning.

Chris Benson, USA

MSC participants

One of my MSC-offerings in Konya, Turkey, 2019
A truly magnificent group of MSC participants from all over the world, including USA, Turkey, India, Iran.
Arranged by Mindfulness Center India.

Thank you Helle for sharing your love and wisdom with us! I miss you, our group, our meetings. 

Self-Compassion for me is: acceptance, take it easy, perspective, love yourself, kind, hug, hold caringly, ease, soothe, touch warmly, breathe, being.

Daniela Isaza, USA, participant on LOMSC

Thankyou for all the ressources and support thoughout! Thank you & thank you for having been such a wonderful & outstanding instructor! I won't ever forget you!

Tessa, USA, participant on LOMSC

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