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I facilitate Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) courses, and offer individual sessions via zoom.

​Compassion-training, live and online

​I offer MSC-programs in danish and english thoughout the year, as well as Live Online MSC- programs in english.
There's always an updated version of my calendar of open courses right here


​The program created a space for me that​ was very deep and touching.
I really liked the way you explained, and verbalised what happens within us all the way during the MSC-program. Including ​ identifying emotions, all the different processes, and how to use Mindful Self-Compassion to better manage​ emotions to have some awareness and peace. Thank you!

​Chandu, India

Helle is not only naturally empathic, she has learned to make a lasting difference. If you struggle with emotional pain or look for a deeper acceptance of life and more freedom, Helle has the answers. She gives coaching a good name!

​Chris Manning


​​As the facilitator, Helle, with her experienced and strong compassion not only teaches but she also lives and stands as an example of what she's pointing out. I've been doing a variety of inner work for years, this intensive grounding work that we did together in that classroom, made me understand that my earlier work was just a preparation to the reality I found through her channel of MSC. Konya as the perfect place for that training had a multiplying effect. I'm so grateful for Helle for her presence in this very lifetime as the teacher of mine on such a beautiful topic.

I strongly advise and hardly recommend that each and everyone must catch that chance with her. Deep appreciations and sincere gratefulness... thank you thank you thank you. 

​​Eda Türetken, ​Turkey

online compassion

I’ve seen a Christian counselor off and on for many years and she recommended MSC to me in late January.  I ​was desperate for relief from emotional pain so, ​and found the online class with Helle.  At first, I was hesitant to participate in the conversations because I felt unworthy and “I probably wouldn’t be able to bring anything to the group”. ​As the weeks progressed, I began to understand how much I had been stuffing pain and believing lies.  

I finally started to relax and learn the importance of validating and identifying my emotions, understanding that everyone suffers and wants to be loved and finally asking myself, what did I need just now.

In 10 weeks, I went from believing I had little or no value to I’m sharing this with everyone I love. I will be participating in a follow up group because, I need the reinforcement, I need to hear from others, and I need to share what I’m learning.

​Chris Benson, USA

MSC participants

One of my MSC-offerings in Konya, Turkey, 2019
A truly magnificent group of MSC participants from all over the world, including USA, Turkey, India, Iran.

Thank you Helle for sharing your love and wisdom with us! I miss you, our group, our meetings. 

​Self-Compassion for me is: acceptance, take it easy, perspective, love yourself, kind, hug, hold caringly, ease, soothe, touch warmly, breathe, being.

​Daniela Isaza, USA, participant on LOMSC

​T​hankyou for all the ressources and support thoughout! Thank you & thank you for having been such a wonderful & outstanding instructor! I won't ever forget you!

​Tessa, USA, participant on LOMSC

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